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►Young Adult & Epic Fantasy◄

Melody and the Pier to Forever (ongoing series, in order)

An ocean world named Aquanus, beyond the end of a pier on Earth,
has been invaded and conquered by a soul-eating villain who also seeks
to capture Earth and every world he can reach in his vile, cold clutches.
Only one person can stop him.

►Free-Verse Poetry◄

Protest, contemplation, meditation, anger, & grief.
Poetry of praise and celebration.
Words and verse unfiltered from the wellspring of my soul.
Wade in carefully.

Ongoing Series


New Series!

►Urban & Metaphysical Fantasy◄

Angel (ongoing series)

Getting to Heaven is hard work. Few make it.
Some who do choose to return to Earth as angels.
Going back isn't just hard work--it's often filthy, repulsive, and thankless.
These are the stories of a few of God's soldiers.


The Cheapery St. Heroes (ongoing series)

Follow the adventures of six souls from two universes who
get to know each other in the most unusual way possible,
and who eventually become known as ...

►Science Fiction◄

What do you do if you're a 35th-century hippie
just trying to make your way peacefully through the solar system,
but finding yourself in the middle of a conflict that may
destroy humanity once and for all?
Oh, and you have an unusual power as well,
one you most definitely don't reveal at parties.


Allison Oberlan is trying to find herself,
but discovers increasingly impassable barriers to doing so
created by family and friends.
One day, at a fair, she buys a candle from a vendor,
and her life is never the same again.
(For mature audiences only)

►Horror & Nightmares◄

Slum is a place I've dreamed of for more than thirty years.
This is a record of those nightmares.
Not for the squeamish or faint of heart.
(For mature audiences only)

►Memoirs & Essays◄

When I was in the fourth grade,
I fell in love with a beautiful classmate named Connie.
This is the story of that magical, tragic year.

Essays, meditations, and rants

Essays, meditations, and rants.

An accurate and unsparing account
of the miserable life of my father,
Louis J. Helbert, Jr.


Please note:
I no longer publish my books
at Amazon or Smashwords
and its associated retailers.