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Monday, April 12, 2021

Recipe | Reflection Poetry



No movement
is more important
than any other.

Add consciousness,
and will becomes possible.
Movement takes on meaning.
One way is more important than another way.

Add death,
and morality springs to life:
"What should I do?"
Meaning becomes supercharged
and painfully relevant.
The movement will end,
because I will end.
"What should I do?"

Add society,
and morality corrupts,
meaning becomes meaningless,
and Frenchmen wax on obsessively
and absurdly
about absurdity and free will.
Movements become tangled and obscured.

Or maybe ...

Morality was always there,
and there never was a time
when movement was so free.

If I reach out to the deepest expanses
of the universe,
what will I find?
The same laws that apply to me back home
apply to me here,
be they physical or philosophical,
be they epistemological or deontological.
My chemistry is irrelevant.

A wise man once said
that no one can escape the
narrow limits of humanity.
I suspect those narrow limits apply,
in slightly greater or lesser form,
to everything self-aware and conscious,
no matter where in the Cosmos one travels.

Life isn't absurd, no.
The systems we set up for ourselves,
the ones we insist everyone live under and obey ...
those tend to be the absurd things.
Not life.

Our task, it seems clear,
is to de-absurd our existences
to the greatest degree possible.