Thursday, March 11, 2021

Victory | Epic & Apocalyptic Fantasy Illustration | Otoro Queril: Saeire Insu Executioner | Melody and the Pier to Forever


There would be no eyewitnesses to Otoro Queril’s ferocity this night. The Hadavsmoban wouldn’t see his bravery, only its terrible result. As the demon glared hungrily at him, Otoro shrieked his war cry. The silence that replied ushered the waiting Tracluse into the deep shadows of the living room, where they cowered.

Otoro flourished his knives and rushed the monster, the lethal metal in his grip flashing and slashing in a blinding whirlwind of motion.

The demon turned to flee, and for its cowardice it would die. He jumped on its back and drove one blade down between the horns on its great head and the other across its massive tufted throat. The monster gave a great shudder, strong enough to loose him from its back, and fell dead to the living room floor with a thunderous crash.

He rolled instantly to his feet. The other demon had fled with its grisly meal, because both it and the headless Tracluse were nowhere to be found. The remaining Tracluse gawked at him from the shadows, their dead eyes white circles of heedless panic, made plain by the flash of lightning without.

He took his time with them. The last one alive, in a chokehold, gurgling and coughing blood, begged him: “Let me go, executioner, and I will warn the others to stay away. They’ll listen to me! They—!

Those were his final words. Otoro grabbed his head and spun it off his shoulders, holding it by the hair. When it stopped spinning, he threw it contemptuously out the window.

Only the sound of steady rain could be heard now. He gazed slowly around at the carnage. Lightning flashed.

He hauled the bodies of the Tracluse outside one by one and threw them in the yard. He grabbed the dead demon by its horns and dragged it out last; with inhuman strength he heaved it on the human pile. He strode to the middle of the street, withdrew his knives, and shrieked his war cry one more time, raising the green and red-stained blades high over his head into the hell-sky. The rioters fell silent, watching him.

He turned and marched back inside the Cororm, slamming the door behind him.




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