Sunday, March 21, 2021

That Damn Demon Imagination | Protest Poetry

I agree with you, William:
imagination is holy, is sacred.
Look what we have done with ours.
The destruction. The degradation.
The rising seas and the melting glaciers.
The desertification of an entire planet.
All for profit.

We have removed our angels,
have tossed them aside.
We have marginalized our myths.
Now they are only for kids,
and only if Disney produces them
for the big screen,
and are rated G.

We see nothing but material now:
electrons and protons, steel and rubber,
gasoline and plastic,
wood and water,
oxygen and nitrogen,
cash and chrome,
organic and GMO.
We have reduced religion to sin
and cash; to literalistic idiocy
and used-car salesmen orthodoxy,
or to wishy-washy enlightenment junkies
convinced of their own godhood
and utterly bereft of intelligence;
to corporately sponsored suburban values
and herd membership beyond our take-home salary.
That's all it is now.
Imagination has been exorcised.

And yeah, it's a demon--I'm certain
that's how you, sad suburban, see it--
because with it fully functioning
your kids can no longer be your
little programmable slaves or mini-me's;
your job is honestly acknowledged for what it is:
a total waste of your life and talents;
your suburban lifestyle is recognized as the toxic
hell-shit that it is;
your boundaries are enormously broadened
and your excuses radically narrowed.

That really terrifies you, doesn't it?