Friday, March 5, 2021

Pierwalker Log: March 5, 2021

Writing Start: 9:02
Finish: 1:21
Total New Words (est.): 800
Edited (est.): 6 poems


1. Book Three Melody: Off till 3/09
2. Fractalverse VI: First stage edit of the second set of six poems
3. Dreamcatcher: Off
4. Cheapery St. Heroes Book Three: Off
5. Firefly: Off
6. Angel: Book Three: Off till 3/08
7. Stories from the Quiet: 500 new words
Notes: It's good to be working on this project again. Since it's so low on the project priority list, it languishes sometimes.
8. The Good Place: 300 new words
Notes: I'm really enjoying writing this chapter.

Transcribing Montaigne: Off

Thought of the Day: Another marker of John Mattos' character (or lack thereof): telling an old high-school buddy of mine that he read Melody and the Pier to Forever, when I know for a fact he never did. I've been living with the crushing consequences of this man's lies and abandonment for too damn long. It's way past time to move beyond them as best I can.

But hey: the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame thinks he's the shizzle! Woohoo!