Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pierwalker Log: March 30, 2021

Writing Start: 9:14
Finish: 12:54
Total New Words (est.): 1100
Edited (est.): 6 poems


1. Book Three Melody: 400 new words
Notes: The details are giving me trouble in this chapter. That usually happens with description-heavy narrative.
2. Fractalverse VI: Second stage edit of the third set of six poems
3. Dreamcatcher: Off
4. Cheapery St. Heroes Book Three: 100 new words
Notes: The chapter is completed! I'll start the primaries Thursday!
5. Firefly: Off till 4/8
6. Angel: Book Three: 600 new words
Notes: If you're going to raise hell, it's good to have at least one sidekick.
7. Stories from the Quiet: Off
8. The Good Place: Off till 4/1

Transcribing Montaigne: Two paragraphs

Thought of the Day: Spring cleaning this week: I need to get outside and sweep our rig of all the spider webs clinging to it, then wash it down.
I bought a cherry tree for a garden I'm raising across the street from us. It should be here today or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to planting it!