Monday, February 1, 2021

The Freedom of Path | A Poem by KJH Cardinalis



When my body woke
They exiled my soul across the sea.

In this place, it never rains
And every day is exactly the same.
Maybe that's why I find myself here,

At the edge of all things.

Sometimes the ocean weeps,
Forming tidepools in my eyes.

I know,
Because the well of my soul

Dried up lifetimes ago.

And sometimes
At sunset
When the light slants a certain way

The dying glimmer catches

And I see radiant reflections
In the afterglow—

A shining road
A horizon too far
A blood-red tide;

Different days and different times

Fate sleeps these days
But so do I.
There's a reason I'm choosing this place

To die.
It isn't despair that's driving me

But a shinning road,

A gasp at freedom
The end of exile.

The ocean's soul is vast.

When I think of falling deep
I feel like I can breathe



An ode to Yaeko,
an angel armed with a violin and indestructible love.