Sunday, February 14, 2021

Set Adrift | A Poem by KJH Cardinalis


Ships gone from the west
My spirit flees
An arrow to the east

White ships
Against the black turn of the world

Hope is faster than fear;
Not fast enough

His figure cuts the sharp horizon
Fractures the tide at his back
Droplets turn to ice
The sun sweats cold and shadows;
The ocean’s heart has stopped with mine.

His tendrils rape the earth
Digging deep
Not a god, no
A nameless stranglehold
Giving root to masts and murder

God help me—
You can’t help me

I’m at the banks of Acheron.
My shipwrecked soul’s been set adrift

Charon’s barge has capsized
And the road to heaven is shut.


A poem dedicated to the Saeire Insu.