Tuesday, February 9, 2021

My Roguesome Friend


We are together.
I believe we are meant to be.
I believe that I was guided to you.

Watching you ...
listening to you ...
You are young,
your waters green with serpentine,
sourced from the deepest waters
in the Americas,
spilling into the sea.
But not before you pass me.

Yes: I was guided to you.
I'm a rogue too.
Not in the way the moo cows think, no.
But in the truest fashion, the most threatening:
truly living my purpose, my calling.
They haven't the courage to
do the same in their own lives,
so they have condemned me--
right to your banks.

Not two centuries ago--
not even a wink in time to you--
a truer people came to you for sustenance
and inspiration.
It is they I wish to emulate,
not the bleached tumors who despoil you today.
Your spirit remains strong despite them,
and that inspires me.

Let me listen to your Quiet,
my roguesome friend.
Let me live in peace next to you.
I will endeavor to learn your lessons.
And I will endeavor to protect you in any
way that I can.