Friday, February 19, 2021

Kye's Music & Lyrics: "Nostalgia" by Yanni (Live at the Acropolis, 1994)

This, to me, was always the sound of
ultimate personal excellence—apotheosis, even.

Although I know Yaeko’s song in
Melody and the Pier to Forever
sounds nothing like this,
I can’t help but hear this automatically
in my head until I remember it isn’t the right sound.

Incidentally, “nostalgia” seems to describe
all of Yanni’s music to me—
but not nostalgia for a past—
more like a kind of inverted nostalgia,
a longing for a particular future,
one that has sent echoes back
into one’s past to call one forward.
Like remembering where you are supposed to be,
your home, your origin.
Not the place you came from,
but the one where your soul will at long last
be truly in its element.
A place that is so correct you can’t
but get there eventually,
because the deepest tides of your existence
must carry you back to shore.

… Only I never found that future. 

In this life, I never will.