Friday, January 8, 2021

Two Days Ago, On My Birthday, the Republican Party Self-Destructed | Protest Poetry


It's the bovine stupidity that gets to me.
The refusal even to acknowledge the most basic,
and obvious, facts.
The mooing and mooing:
I'm part of this herd, and nothing,
no facts, no decency, no morality
will stand in my way!

Two days ago, the Republican Party committed suicide.
It may not appear so; but the herd animals
so entrenched within its ranks
self-destructed that day.
Have no doubts.

Two days ago, the seed was planted for a new party.
Let's hope it germinates;
and let's hope that it's a damn sight better than the old one.
That's a low, low, low bar:
anything remotely above rancid Hitlerian narcissism
will be thousands of percent better than what we're
all so fucking sick to death of today.

Two days ago was my birthday.
I have spent most of my life praying for the
Republican Party to disintegrate, to destroy themselves,
to finally and absolutely show themselves as the seditious, avaricious,
duplicitous, traitorous, immoral, cowardly,
piggish, bigoted, ignorant
fucknuggets that I've known them to be since 1980.

Two days ago, on my birthday, they did just that.
Happy birthday!

So while I mourn the travesty, the shame,
the monstrosity, the sacrilege, the loss of life
and the sheer, plodding, low-IQ evil of the coup attempt two days ago,
part of me is also celebrating.
Two days ago the Republican Party put a
MAGAt Q-Anon gun to their piggy/herdy head and pulled the trigger.
Two days ago they fully revealed themselves to the rest of us.
Two days ago, on the ever-slick deck of the herd ship once christened GOP,
forever to be known hereforward as the Trumptanic,
they cemented themselves on their knees
before their Orange F├╝hrer, mouths open wide as they can go,
spittle running from their chins,
ready to be face-fucked from the Twitler himself,

He and his simpering, sinking cabal are facing prosecution,
facing real jail time,
facing historical ignominy and judgment,
facing humiliation and disgrace the rest of their
hateful, useless days.
You'd be insane not to celebrate that.

Let's hope that whatever rises from that giant shit pile
will be worth even an iota of a good goddamn.

Now that would make a good 2022 birthday present!