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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pierwalker Log: January 23, 2021

Writing Start: 8:15
Finish: 4:07
Total New Words (est.):
Edited (est.):


1. Book Three Melody: Edited what I've written in chapter twenty-one so far
2. Fractalverse VI: Second tertiary edit of the fourth set of six poems

3. Dreamcatcher: Off till 1/27
4. Cheapery St. Heroes Book Three: 300 new words
Notes: Lots of research today in an effort to catch up to the story.
5. Firefly: Sixth primary edit of chapter seventeen
6. Angel: Book Three: Off
7. Stories from the Quiet: Off
8. The Good Place: Sixth primary edit of part one

Transcribing Montaigne: Off

Thought of the Day: Have a good weekend. If you believe in a higher power, give praise and thanks that we have a sane man in the White House! And if you don't believe in a higher power, do the same thing anyway!