Wednesday, December 2, 2020

To the 74,080,122 Who Voted for Death and Destruction, Corruption and Fascism, Hate and Division


If you think we,
those of us who voted for life and liberty,
for moral governance and democracy,
for acceptance, diversity, and tolerance
are going to forget your vote, think again.

If you think we're going to forgive you,
think again.

Right now the cancer that isn't you--
the mainstream media--
is bending over backwards
in endless efforts to "understand" you
and sympathize with you.

But you are deserving of neither understanding
nor sympathy.
You are deserving, quite frankly,
to have your Nazi asses dumped in the nearest ditch
and covered in hot asphalt.
You deserve the same violence
that you voted for:
You should be thrown into cages
in cold concentration camps
and left to languish there.
You should be coughed on
by a hundred COVID-19 patients.
You should be forced to give up your
home and then kicked to the gutter.

You voted for the literal end of our democracy
and the Constitution.
You voted for tin-pot fascism and authoritarianism.
You voted against the rule of law.
You voted for white nationalism and white supremacy.
You voted for misogyny, fundamentalism, sectarianism,
shortsightedness, pedophilia, rank corruption, the end of all life on Earth,
the poisoning of our food, water, and air.
You voted for division and strife,
for misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda.
You voted for total corporate control of our lives.
Mostly, though, you voted for fear.
Which makes you the very lowest of cowards.

In a hundred years,
should the human species still live--
very much not a sure thing--
those of that time will remember you.
They will spit on the ground when they speak of you.
History books will revile you,
and your descendants will live in shame
that they are in any way related to you.

So many people right now--
all meaning well, I suppose--
are working to "understand" you
and your vile choice.
But there is nothing to understand.
You are a mountainous pile of soulless fucks,
and if there is a hell--
and right now I'm fucking praying there is one--
your choice punched that ticket for your one-way trip there.
Go on and spittle on about why you voted as you did.
Rationalize all you want about it.
It makes no difference.
There is no forgiveness for you.


Fuck you, you fucking cowardly racists.
Fuck all of you.