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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Music & Lyrics: "Love Alive" by Heart (Little Queen, 1977)




The sky was dark this morning
When I raised my head
I stood at the window; darkness was my bane

Suddenly a sunbeam
Thrilled me to my weary heart
It was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen

I knew I had to keep my love
Keep my love alive
Keep my love, keep my love alive

Baby I want you to roll me
Hold me in your love
No more habits, promises, or jive

Ever since I was a baby girl
Wanted one thing most in this world
It was to keep my love, keep my love alive

Yeah, got to keep my love, keep my love alive
Keep my love, keep it alive

You're up there under the spotlight
Your silver trophy shines
With all you got, my lord, you must get high!
You need a whole lot more than money
You need more than to survive
You gotta keep your love
Keep your love alive

You better keep your love, keep your love alive
Keep your love now, keep it alive

I was 15 when I first heard this.
I'm about to turn 59 as I post this.
In all that time,
I have never tired of this song
or its message.
It has served as a powerful reminder
in times of trouble,
as this year--2020--has been:
keep the course,
don't give in,
don't let the bastards win.
Most of all,
keep your love alive.