Sunday, November 15, 2020

To the 58% of the White Electorate (Up from 54% in 2016) Who Voted for Donald Trump in 2020 | Protest Poetry


I see you.
We do.
All of us.
We beat your DICK-tator bigly, hugely.
A landslide ass-kicking.
Ask Kellyanne if you don't believe me.

You're racists, every single last one of you.
Don't bother denying it.
That's what you are.
That's what your vote signifies.
You're motherfucking racists.

You voted for fascism,
so that's what you are too.
Fuckin' fascists.

You voted for unspeakable cruelty.
That's what you are too.

You voted for COVID-19,
for it to wipe out hundreds of thousands more.
You voted for a disease,
because you are a fucking disease!

You voted for children to be put in cages,
for families to be torn apart,
for illegal kidnappings
and mothers to be tear-gassed at protests.
You voted for blind hate,
oppression, and censorship.
You voted for fucking Nazis.

You voted for lies and propaganda.
You voted for women and girls to be marginalized,
brutalized, raped, and assaulted.
You voted for authoritarianism and dictatorship.
You voted for our own troops to be killed by means of bounties.
You voted for anything--anything--but the Constitution.
Jesus fucking Christ!

You're so pathetic, you know that?
You really are.
The thing is--
I'm white too.
I'm nearly sixty years old.
I've seen over these decades just how
fucking pathetic you've--we've--gotten.

We're losing power.
People with differently colored skin than ours ...
they're soon going to be the majority.
People who love differently than us ...
are soon going to be the majority.
People who worship differently than us ...
are soon going to be the majority.
People who don't worship at all ...
are soon going to be the majority.

And that makes you lose your shit.
God-damn ...
how fucking pathetic!

Your vote was a moral choice, motherfucker,
whether you want to admit it or not.
It defines you as a person.
It says, "This is who the fuck I am!"
It's going to stick with you forever.
Deal with it, assholes.

May your children rebel against you;
may they reject you, your bigotry, your patheticness,
your simpering, pandering, pitiful evil.
May they be vocal and active in that rejection,
and may they rally millions and millions against you
and your shriveled, trembling, consumptive,
suburbanized selves.
May they rise up against you;
may they help their black and brown
brothers and sisters claim seats of power
that you once held and will no longer.
May democracy flourish once again,
and may you be utterly forgotten once you're dead,
if not long before.
For you, motherfuckers, are just as rotten,
just as hateful,
just as vicious,
just as anti-democratic,
just as foul,
just as soulless,
just as merciless,
just as blind-ass stupid,
just as gullible,
just as unloving,
just as unliving
as the Orange Ass Boil you've sworn fealty to.

Fuck you.
Fuck you forever.

The 42% of us with souls, brains, backbones, and actual morals.