Saturday, September 12, 2020




... like the enticing flow between dreams,
or a sentence ending in ellipses;
the whip of air after a hummingbird zips by,
or grass unbending as the breezes die.
The last drops of rain as the clouds part,
or the final notes of a cherished ballad.

June’s breathy transition into summer.
A tussle of her brown hair shimmering yellow
in late afternoon's deliquescence.
The curve of shoulder,
or where the collar of her T-shirt meets her skin.
The slight shadow beneath.

The small of her back,
where shirt ends and jeans begin.
Loose jeans; skin beneath; a whiff of perfume;
green leaves dappling the sunlight,
taunting the shadows. 

Her smile as our lips part.
The sound—quiet, wet, delicious.