Monday, September 28, 2020

Blinkers | Protest Poem Against Far Too Many Americans' Willful Ignorance and Stupidity

These days have acted like filters,
revealing what our fellow Americans are really like,
what they hold dear,
how they view others.

The hate.
The bigotry.
The soullessness.
The paranoia.
The stupidity.

So many go through life totally blinkered,
and are happy and even proud to be so.
They live ensconced in the deep fat of their privilege,
believing that they earned that privilege,
that it's theirs,
that it was gained fairly.
It wasn't.

Their cognitive dissonance isn't a fault;
it's cherished and polished and treated like their finest china.
They love it even more than their children.

Others of us, not enough, see America for what it truly is,
irrespective of what politicians say.
It's forty percent rancid.
It's rotting, it's decaying, it's corrupt.
All the way to the fucking bone.

It's a nation that was birthed on vile foundations:
slavery, Manifest Destiny, genocide, patriarchy,
fundamentalism, sectarianism, ignorance, hatred, greed.
You can come all over the Constitution
in your groaning, grunting, thrusting rebuttal,
but that document was birthed on those foundations,
which means this country was.
And our Founding Fathers were, more often than not,
dickheads and monsters.

But your blinkers won't allow you to see any of that,
let alone admit it.