Saturday, February 13, 2021

Where You Can Find Me Online

You can connect online with me in a variety of ways.
I hope to talk to you soon!

Reddit: Sufficient_One.

Reddit: The Liberal Creative Appreciation Commune : A community
for artists and non-artists alike.
Join us today!

YouTube: Melody and the Pier to Forever's Musicscape
Music from many artists who inspire me in the writing of the story.

Where I sell my books directly to readers.

Kind of the anti-Facebook social media site.
I'm relatively new there.
It's very small compared to Facebook,
and doesn't mine your data, which remains yours.
We'll see how it works out.
I've got two groups there,
Creative Creations and Soulflower.

I have opened an account at Listory,
where I list my favorite news stories.
Check it out!

I don't do business with Amazon, but you can find my profile there.

I hope to see you around!