Saturday, August 29, 2020

Do You Love The Princess Bride, Firefly, Gilligan's Island, Prison Break, Once Upon A Time, The Lord of the Rings, or Star Trek? Then You'll Love My Fan Fiction!

I really love writing fan fiction. It helps stretch my creative writing wings, and challenges me to stay in the voice of characters not of my own creation. That can be very difficult sometimes.

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The Many Adventures of the Dread Pirate Roberts

At the end of The Princess Bride, Westley says to Inigo, "You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts!" Here are the many adventures of the new captain of the Revenge!

Status of story: 1 completed adventure (7 chapters);
There are 8 chapters completed in Adventure Two.


Firefly: Slingshot

Mal and his crew are back. Always looking for a payday, Mal accepts a job from an old nemesis and occasional client: Badger. The payoff? More than he or his crew can imagine. But with such an astounding amount of scratch comes an equally astounding helping of danger.

Status of story: 15 completed chapters.
Five new chapters are coming!


Gilligan's Island: The Real Story

The story of the Minnow and its crew, lost at sea after a storm, everyone knows. But what you don't know is the truth. This is it.

Status of story: Prologue + 4 chapters completed.


The Candle in the Window

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, convicted murderer, is released from Fox River Prison to help Michael Scofield, whom he once swore a blood feud against, in Scofield's efforts to bring to justice one "Poseidon," the CIA spook who incarcerated him and married his beloved, Sara Tancredi. Scofield even funds a new prosthetic hand for T-Bag, a beyond-the-top-of-the-line marvel that behaves just like any normal one but is many times stronger.

But that isn't the greatest gift Scofield gives him. For T-Bag has a son, one he never knew he had. David--"Whip"--had been Scofield's cellmate while both languished for the past five years in a brutal prison in Yemen.

The plan is hatched, the play unfolds, and David dies just days after Theodore finds out about him. Enraged, he once again lets the demon light the candle in the window of his soul, and kills the CIA spook responsible.

We leave Theodore Bagwell in his cell back in Fox River. His new cellmate is none other than Poseidon himself. This is where we rejoin him and his efforts at redemption. This is where the candle in the window waits to be re-lit.

Status of story: 5 chapters completed.



His name is Nathan Vach, and he's having terrifying dreams. Left alone after his father and brothers die in the Second Ogres war, and after his mother perishes from illness, he retreats into his family's big home far from anywhere. But the dreams continue to plague him, so he decides to visit a metaphysician in Munchkinland. There he learns startling news: that he has a gift for someone--a Soul Gift. It's a Gift that will be a great blessing to he or she destined to receive it. Walking home, he has no idea just how powerful that Gift is--or the individual who, unbeknownst to him, will soon try to claim it.

Status of story: completed!


The Freedom of a Lily

Belle has been changing. After an outburst at Granny's, Rumpelstiltskin, her devoted husband, decides to investigate. What he discovers will change his life forever.

Status of story: 5 chapters completed.
A new chapter is coming soon!



Sauron is dead; the poisonous dark fume over the land is lifting; and the Orcs have been smited--swallowed up by a vengeful earth that held them in hateful contempt. All but one, that is. This is his story.

Status of story: 9 chapters completed.


Thrace McCoy

He's the troubled grandson of a Federation legend,
Admiral Leonard McCoy, who served as Chief Medical Officer
aboard the Enterprise and is recently deceased.
He's got big shoes to fill, but no desire whatsoever to fill them.

His father and mother divorced when he was nine.
He has no other siblings. His father is human,
whereabouts unknown; his mother Vulcan. She resides there,
a Federation mathematician who only occasionally bothers contacting him.

His temper and his inhuman strength, along with his smarts,
keep landing him in penal colonies. This latest send-up, however,
is likely permanent, for he was convicted of murdering a Federation officer
who was on leave. A Vulcan.

Sitting in a cell in a penal colony on Mars,
Thrace McCoy doesn't know it, but his life is about to change--radically.

Status of story: 2 chapters completed.


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