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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Pierwalker Log: July 21, 2020

Writing start: 9:34
Finish: 2:42
Total new words (est.): 0
Edited (est.): 4600 + 2 poems

1. Book Three Melody: Align-edit of the prologue
Notes: I'm nineteen chapters in on this project, with maybe the same number to go. I started it four years ago, and haven't gone through it since. There must be many alignment issues with the plot; plus, I want to give those chapters a good edit before moving on.

This is a life project. I'm 58 years old. When I started it in 2004, I told myself that I would take the rest of my life to complete it, if necessary. Another nineteen chapters in Book Three will likely take another four years; the deep edits another year after that.

But I'm in no hurry. It isn't like I've got a publisher hounding me; and it isn't like I've got tons of fans doing the same as well. I'm free to do this right. Without pressure. Without concern for what others are thinking. There is literally no one else on Earth thinking, "Geez Louise, I wish Montaigne would hurry up! I want to read the next book!" That's very painful to realize; but it's also very freeing. This life project isn't defined in any way by others.

2. Laurie: Edited what I've written in chapter two thus far

3. Fractalverse: Volume Six: Edited the last two poems written

4. The White City (Slum): Off

5. Firefly: Off

6. Dreamcatcher: Off till 8/1

7Cheapery St. Heroes: Book Three: Edited what I've written in Book Three's prologue so far

8. Thrace McCoy: Third primary edit of chapter two.

Transcribing Montaigne: Off