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Friday, June 12, 2020

Got Your Plot Picked Out Yet? | Protest Poem Against COVID-19 Deniers

The changes coming will be fast.
That is, if we want to survive.
What has been made obvious this year
in particular is that most,
do not.

That's my word for this year.

Most people, it seems, are concerned
about getting haircuts.
They're concerned about going to the bar.
They're concerned with getting on airplanes.
They're concerned with going to the beach.
They're concerned with anything than surviving,
than being healthy,
and--most of all--giving health to others.

Wear a mask and risk being called a "lib'rul."
Wear a mask and risk being assaulted.
Wear a mask and risk police smashing your face.
Wear a mask and risk MAGAt rage, impotent as it is.
Wear a mask and find out just how much hate and 
ignorance resides in the breasts of most of those around you.

When did health become a political issue?
When did health get weaponized against democracy,
against decency,
against morality?

When did decency itself become political?

What is happening now is the result
of far too many being indecent,
the moral collapse of this nation,
its aspired-to values,
its held-to truths
thrown out like garbage.

What we're seeing now are the actual hearts
of Americans:
the vileness of them.
The hatred.
The greed.
The polluted emptiness.

We have become nothing but consumers.
We've become a cancer.

Now we're consuming each other.
Time to welcome the second wave,
then the third,
then the fourth ...

Got your plot in the mass grave picked out yet?

I'd finish with "God bless America,"
but I'm pretty sure God has turned away
in disgust.