Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Sankyan Wilderness in the Age of Melodia | High Seas Fantasy Map Illustration


It's a land that moves. Not moves like lands on Earth do, by means of tectonic plates, but moves--as in one day it's there, where it has been for all living memory, but the next it's gone, as in moved somewhere else over the face of the flat ocean world known as Aquanus.

Sailing too close to its shores almost always results in death. No living person has ever walked its mysterious interior.

It is said to be ruled by a woman--the Sankyanness. Some consider her an angel; others think she is a demon. No one knows for certain what she is.

Failure's dire mission has the great warship sailing dangerously close to the Sankyan Wilderness, recently moved, in order to capture an Imperial ship carrying deadly secrets that could doom the Revolution. No one aboard knows what's going to happen as they get closer and closer to this dark land. But they aren't going to allow their quarry to get away--a quarry that is also sailing perilously close to it.

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