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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Kye's Music & Lyrics: Glamour Box by Ulver (Messe I.X – VI.X, 2013)



Night-time listening recommended.
I’ve listened to this song many times while driving after dark,
unable to imagine what vast, dark-but-bright thing it seemed to evoke.

Then I read John Wren-Lewis’s NDE account, or,
more accurately, his account of his permanently altered perception post-NDE,
and what he called the “Dazzling Dark”:

“My impression is that my personal consciousness was actually “snuffed out”
(the root meaning, according to some scholars, of the word “nirvana”)
and then recreated by a kind of focusing-down from
the infinite eternity of that radiant dark pure consciousness …
Moreover that wonderful “eternal life of everywhere” was still there,
right behind my eyes—or more accurately, at the back of my head …
I put my hand up to probe the back of my skull,
half wondering if the doctors had sawn part of it away to open my head to infinity.
Yet it wasn’t in the least a feeling of being damaged;
it was more like having had a cataract taken off my brain,
letting me experience the world and myself properly for the first time—
for that lovely dark radiance seemed to reveal the essence of everything as holy.