Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pierwalker Log: March 28, 2020

Writing start: 10:09 A.M.
Finish: 3:40 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 600
Edited (est.): 8000 + 6 poems + blurb

1. Failure: Stage 2 edit of chapter 9; Stage 3 edit of chapter 2

2. Book Three Melody: 300 new words
Notes: Writing is by its very nature a self-quarantining activity. I've never been gladder of that in my life.

3. Laurie: 300 new words
Notes: I've got an approximate idea of how this chapter wants to end. It's at 1.7K words now; I think there are 300 or so words to go.

4. Conversations With God: Stage 1 edit of the fourth set of six poems; edited the blurb

5. Fractalverse: Volume Six: Off

6. Dread Pirate Roberts 2: Off.

7. The White City (Slum): Off

8. Firefly: Slingshot: Edited chapter fifteen

Transcribing Montaigne: Off