Monday, February 22, 2021

The Extinction Race | Protest Poem Against Herdmanity's Complacency

Leap year day.
Will the human race even make it to the next one?
I have my doubts.

Complacency. Indifference. Acquiescence.
The constant selling out of who one is
in order to fit in,
in order to make a buck,
in order to get that fuck,
in order to get that career unstuck.

The world is burning.
And yet we refuse to stop yearning
for shit we don't need and which won't save us.
Shiny. Shinier. Shiniest.
Grabbing and hoarding,
but never learning.

Eternal growth in a finite place.
Let's call it what it is:
the extinction race.
Capitalism run amuck.
Consumer, consuming, consumption--fuck!
Blank-eyed stares from each passing face.
So goddamned commonplace.

Stand up to it and be crushed.
For the herd hates to be reminded
of that which will force them to be hushed.
Endless entertainment--free of course,
endless vacuousness with infinite force,
pinballing cogs for the corporate workforce.

And not one of them questions it.

Leap year day.
Billions of cattle jumping a polluted creek.
The world is barren from their grazing,
The world is aflame from their greedy streak.
The world is gasping from all their praising
of everyone in power--those who seek--
to destroy it for profit and gain.

Fucking insane.