Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Asymptote of the 22nd Century

This is, factually, the most heinous,
the most malevolent age in all of human history.
Hurtling towards the very precipice of doom,
trying to find new ways to consume more, ever more,
burying our heads ever deeper in the toxic sand,
giving our hard work, our very lives, away to slobbering oligarchs,
destroying communities by refusing to fight those oligarchs,
filling our souls with neverending vacuous entertainment,
ever clutching for fame, power, status, and wealth,
ever more, ever more, ever fucking more ...

The 22nd century is humanity's asymptote.
But the function of our self-destruction will doom us long before
January 1, 2100.
It won't even be close.
Not with the way we are continuing right now.
Not with the sheer-ass ignorance and indifference that guide
so many billions of us,
and which will guide that great mooing mass tomorrow,
and the day after that,
the week and month and year after that ...
Indifference like a tasteless paste,
indifference like a leprous disease,
one the infected make no effort to heal,
and in fact work at forcing deeper into their flesh.

The few awake out there sounding the alarm,
like me,
are despised and ridiculed and given no voice,
no chance at impact,
no chance to make a difference.
We are held under the oligarchy's ever-bloating thumb.
We are silenced by their economies of scale,
by their corporate fascism,
by their manipulating the system and governments to their exclusive benefit.
Nobody's listening to us, because this blockbuster culture,
this enormous herd-think society,
has bought their bullshit,
their disinformation,
their propaganda,
their outright lies
hook, line, and sinker.

Perhaps as the radioactive dust settles,
and Mother Earth heals,
as the cities crumble
and the roads disappear,
as the life of the planet flourishes once again ...
when the last human that spat on the world
was millions of centuries ago ...
perhaps the future will receive the spirits
of us rebels, us revolutionaries,
this small band, this isolated and laughed-at and ignored band,
us shriekers-in-the-dark against the indifferent herds
and their manic, blank-staring urge to destruction.

For in the end, we were the only ones to have them.