Thursday, January 30, 2020

On These, the Final Days of America, I Wrote This Letter to My Senators, Who Are About to Acquit Trump

Senators Merkley & Wyden:

I'd like you both to consider that America as we know it is about to end. 1776 - 2020. It's over. And it's over in just a few days.

When that deciding vote is taken in the Senate—"the world's greatest deliberative body"—the vote to acquit Trump of criminal and traitorous activity against the United States—the vote your fellow Senators are going to take with you—on that day, just a few days away now, this nation will cease to be. Oh, it will still be called the United States of America, but it will no longer be what its founders fought and died for.

I want you to be clear, Senators. In just a few days, when that acquittal comes down, a fundamental and profound question is going to lodge itself in your soul and it will never go away, ever. And that question is this: Did I do everything I possibly could, EVERY DAMN THING I POSSIBLY COULD, to hold this "president," this moron, this would-be tin-pot dictator, this tumor, this man-child, this pathetic, useless, monstrous, spiritless oligarch to account? DID I? That question is going to stick with you, Senators, the rest of your days. Every single time you look in the mirror, it's going to be there, waiting. Every time you get a moment alone to reflect, there it will be. On your own deathbed, it will be waiting for you.

Because in just a few days, when that deciding vote is cast, "the world's greatest deliberative body" will be no more than a weak, limp, kiss-ass extension of Trump's new dictatorial powers, much like the Roman Senate was nothing under the Caesars except a mouthpiece. Is that what you're ready to be part of, Senators? Is it? Are you prepared to be nothing but  mealy-mouthed yes men to Trump and his A-okay go-ahead by your "greatest deliberative body" to plunder, cheat, even murder when he sees fit? Are you?

I am nearly 60 years old, Senators. I'm no fool. I know that these emails don't get read by you, but by your aids, who then spit out a prepared reply and hit SEND. So I'm going to talk to your aids now.

Aids: Are you prepared to be Trump's butt-boys? Are you prepared to be little more than plastic representations of democracy? Are you prepared to watch as a true dictator walks into the Oval Office where he doesn't belong and didn't win the right to legitimately sit in, and do his bidding? Because on the death day of America, in just a few days or so, that's what you're going to do. Don't send me another plastic response. Go to the mirror instead and take a good, long look at yourself. We the People elected Merkley and Wyden into office. We did so with the entirely justified notion that they would do absolutely everything to protect this democracy and their constituents. Have they honestly done that? Or have they enjoyed their privilege, their power, their media exposure, but have largely phoned in their office? ASK YOURSELF.

The United States of America is breathing its last breaths as I write this. On social media, I have called for a revolution to begin in this country. I have seen the signs for years now. I've seen the fascism rising, the hate, the ignorance, the refusal to confront reality, the refusal to do what is right. But I am an infinitesimally small voice. I am helpless and without any means to exert any change in a system explicitly designed to keep people like me marginalized and unheard. This state, Oregon, enjoys two Democratic Senators. But honestly, these two might as well be Republicans for their measured, quiet, even acquiescent and polite stances. Have they sat on the floor of the Senate and refused to participate until witnesses are called? Have they called for mass protests or strikes? Have they gotten themselves arrested for looking fascism in its eye and spitting in it? No. They haven't.

If you think that when Trump is acquitted that it'll be business as usual, then you're part of the cancer, not the cure. You're part of the corporate mindset that says not to take it so seriously, not to give assholes like me the time of day. You're drawing a nice paycheck, after all. What do you care?

America is on its deathbed, folks. And Senators, let me finish with this: if I don't see you two making a HUGE noise in the next few days, the last of these United States, I will do everything in my meager power to supplant you both with those who will. This nation may be breathing its last, but the revolution will just be starting. Believe me. Because until I draw my last breath, I will do everything in my meager power to subvert this grotesque perversion of democracy.

Hail Caesar.

Extremely sincerely,

Shawn Michel de Montaigne