Sunday, January 5, 2020

Kye's Music & Lyrics: "Lucifer Landed" by The Legendary Pink Dots (Hallway of the Gods, 1997)

The Legendary Pink Dots


“Dance for me—”
He calls out from the fence, but we just shake a little.
“Fall for me—”
We fall and make amends with holy Marys.
I can't look you in the eye; your heel is pressing hard upon my head;
You terrify me truly, petrify me half to death.

You're telling me
That you feel mysterious today.

Walk with me—
Or may I walk with you? What does it take?

Be with me—
I can still remember feeling weightless, feeling free.

I could dance without a hundred fingers pointing,
Where the laughs were never mean.
And I know there's something out there,
And I know I'm gonna get there.

Come to me.
Will you offer me your hand?
I whisper please
Please offer me your hand.

Don't you be mysterious today.


"There was a man from the shadow-less heavens
who imagined a myriad sparks of shining light.
He smashed his soul into a million pieces
and invited the dark to bear witness to the radiant stars.
When he fell, his heart was pierced
by the cut-glass edges of his fragmented soul.
And to him came the knowledge of a terrible good:
Of love, and its unbearable shadow, loss."

For Benigna.
I know there’s something out there,
and I know we’re gonna get there.