Thursday, February 20, 2020

Extra Notes: The Political is Personal, and the Personal is Political: Why I Support Elizabeth Warren for President

(This was first written on the eve of Donald Trump's impeachment. It will be reposted regularly until the general election.)

Donald Trump is the most corrupt "president" in the history of the United States. I quote the word president because he was, factually, provably, illegitimately elected. He cheated to get in. And he's cheating to stay in. It's why his ass got impeached.

His impeachment was a slam dunk. But the Senate, broken as it is, corrupt to the core as it is, with Republicans in the majority, will acquit him.

There are those who lament the divide in this country. I would lament it also if those on the other side were reasonable people. Demonstrably, provably, they are not. Republicans are willing to deny reality itself in order to rule, to create a dictatorship. You cannot by definition reason with unreason. You cannot make rational what is irrational. You cannot make sane those who choose insanity.

There is a time for peace, and a time for war. Sadly, tragically, this is not a time for peace.


All of that said, with it shaping the context of our upcoming elections, granted that we have them, granted that Trump does not attempt a coup, which I strongly believe he will, or refuse to leave office if defeated, which I am certain he will do, I can say that one presidential candidate has stood well above the rest in challenge to his vile, violent, and immoral office: Elizabeth Warren.

We have entered a time when politics can no longer be held at arm's length. It must be personal; and it must be something everybody becomes involved in. To do otherwise is to be immoral, period, full stop. You cannot say, "Oh, I'm not a political person" and remain today a moral human being. You cannot say, "I don't care who wins; they're all corrupt," and remain today a moral human being. You cannot say, "I couldn't give a shit about any of it" and remain today a moral human being. The political has become personal, and the personal political. It's happened; we're there; and there is no turning back from it whether you like it or not.

To that end Warren has eschewed all corporate and PAC donations. Her grassroots movement has thus become deeply personal. It shows in the tens of thousands of selfies she takes with audiences nationwide who come to listen to her speak. It's personal. It's right there, in your face. It's profoundly moral, and it's very popular. It's moral because she cannot hide from individuals. She cannot scurry, as almost all the rest of the Democratic candidates do, behind a protective herd. Her speeches have been fact-checked to the umpteenth degree. Bottom line: the woman is honest, either on stage or in person as the camera flashes. She makes no attempt to hide behind a herd.

The personal is political.

She's a fighter. That isn't just a good thing: it's absolutely fucking necessary if this country is going to survive even twelve more months. Warren understands: you cannot reason with unreason. It's too bad Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden, and the billionaires attempting to buy the presidency, who have the unmitigated gall to call themselves Democrats, won't learn that lesson.

Of Bernie Sanders, I can say this. He's second best on my list, a long home run's distance from Warren, just barely inside the ballpark. If he wins the nomination, I'll vote for him. Of course I will. I agree with most of what he believes in, yes, but I cannot and will not ever agree with his moronic Bernie Bros who even today are a real and present threat to this democracy, because with their divisive attitude, Trump could and probably will win re-election, as he "won" it in 2016, which makes them just as vile as the worst, most unreasonable, most unreasoning Republican alive. I really respect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who endorsed him, and that has gotten Sanders in the ballpark with me. She has. AOC is the real deal, and though I disagree with her choice for president, I can keep respecting the hell out of her, because I know she knows: the personal is the political, and the political is the personal. She has stated her deep admiration for Warren, and that is a very good thing as well.

Of the rest of the candidates, I pray--I pray--they don't get anywhere near the nomination. They believe in the insanity that you can reason with unreason. They are corporate establishment cogs; they take money from corporations and super PACS; and they will bring this nation to its doom, which we're hurtling towards at 150 miles per hour. With Buttigieg, Klobuchar, or Biden as president, that speed goes down to 135. Sanders slams on the brakes, but it's Warren who will stop the car.

We are at a monumental crossroads in this country, and in this world. Chances are excellent, and climbing exponentially every single day, that we don't make it, that the fascists and the haters and the trolls and the Mark Zuckerbergs and the Jeff Bezoses and the authoritarian monsters win, and as a result our species and most other species currently alive on this planet don't see the next century. I wish to fuck that was hyperbole; it isn't. It's cold, hard, unforgiving fact. Deal with your denial; but shake a leg, because time is running out.

The political is personal; and the personal political. You cannot remain indifferent with such facts. You cannot remain moral and not give a shit about such facts. You cannot claim to love, to know love, and support those who would hurtle us to our doom while tapping ever so gently on the brakes, claiming they're doing all they can to slow our demise down.

That's why I support Elizabeth Warren for president. And that's why you should, too.