Friday, May 8, 2020

Just Released--The Next Story in the Melody and the Pier to Forever Saga--The Failure of the Saeire Insu!

The Pier goes on ... forever.

I am very proud of this, the sixth novel in the Melody and the Pier to Forever series. It was the most challenging novel to write (to this point), but I think you'll agree the four-year wait was worth it!

As a Rogue, the Saeire Insu warship Failure is free to chart course wherever its crew pleases. Their mission, as it stands for all Rogues, is to do as much damage as possible to the Imperial Navy in order to clear the way for the rest of the Armada.
     Ske T'Chel--"Sketch," as he is known to his friends--is a member of this crew, and is also a member of the XVI Angeli Magna Coronados, the ultra-elite troop of warriors trained in the mystical martial art known as the Daen-Cer-Tain. As such he is trained to kill thousand-pound demons in a split-second, his blades moving so swiftly that they cannot be seen by the untrained eye. He was Melody Singleton's personal guard before the Armada crossed the Tangent to begin the Revolution, a great honor bestowed by the king himself.
     As the Failure sails deeper and deeper into ever more dangerous Imperial waters, they become aware of a dire threat that could squash the Revolution before it gains any consequential momentum. To the Failure comes the message from Command: hunt down the fast Imperial warship carrying secrets that could doom the Saeire Insu to total destruction.
     The chase exacts a dear price on Failure and her crew--but particularly Sketch himself, who finds himself, by virtue of his close relationship to the Apprentice, burdened with a new honorific, conferred by none other than the mysterious Sankyanness herself. She calls him Faithbearer. And to him she entrusts the ultimate fate of the Saeire Insu.

Please note: this novel is sold only through this blog and my Payhip storefront. Download it today and rejoin the Saeire Insu Armada as it advances the Revolution west over the face of Aquanus!