Monday, December 16, 2019

Changing the World | Quote by Genesis P-Orridge

First of all, the people who are in control, the worst of the worst who are attacking us with anger, brutality, deception, exploitation, suppression, intimidation — all those things that are tools of control — those people, like myself, are old. They’re at the end of their time, too. And it’s almost like the thrashing of Tyrannosaurus rex. Its tail is crushing and wiping and swiping. It’s hitting people and other creatures and hurting them. But it’s dying.
     And all around us are wonderful young people who have realized that definitions are meaningless and that they are individual beings who choose to become self-created. They are our hope. The younger generations, they’re not fooled by this plutocracy and this awful, awful political system that’s regressing into authoritarianism again. They know better.
     So the question is, can we as a species survive long enough for that to happen? And that’s an open question, because we have lunatics all over the place right now. Ignorant ones, which is the worst kind of lunatic.
     Well, our feeling is, how do you change it? One way is that an individual realizes that they create themselves. They create their own identity. They don’t even have to be the gender that they were expected to be. They can change their name, the way they present themselves. As Lady Jaye used to say, “There’s no reason why you can’t be somebody different every day after you wake up. There’s so many people to be.”
     So make yourself into a positive virus. Change the house or the place you live, the people within — the family, or your roommates whatever it might be. And then change your street, then change your town and city, and eventually you change the world.
~Genesis P-Orridge

Northern California