Thursday, December 31, 2020

With Awesome and Lethal Prejudice | Protest Poem

These days are surreal.
Lies are truth. Consumption is God.
The rich are smarter, better, more blessed.
Power and status are all.
You're an individual worth knowing only
if you eschew true individuality,
only if you become the biggest herd animal.

The planet is burning,
and yet you are concerned with
"upgrading" your lifestyle.

The planet is dying,
and yet you still buy from the monsters
killing it.

The planet is drowning,
and yet you say the science isn't settled.

(As though science is ever settled.)

You're one of the idiots who still supports Trump.
Or you're one of the idiots on the other side
who sat out the election because
"your guy" didn't make the cut.

Or you don't care either way.
Your indifference is an aggressive metastasized cancer consuming the planet.
There are far more of you than there are who are
fighting to save the world.
The end of your bulbous nose is where your concern stops.

Entire ecosystems are collapsing--because of assholes like you.
Fascism depends on assholes like you.
You're no better than the worst Nazi in 1940.
You're no better than the biggest turd floating in the rankest cesspool.

But hey--you've got those new drier sheets that smell "good,"
and you've got that new Lincoln or Hyundai or Jeep;
you've got the adjustable mortgage in the "right" neighborhood,
where all the kids in the local school are white and starched,
where there's a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods and fifty Starbucks;
where hubby cogs his or her life away helping that giant corporation
continue to fuck the world for profit.
You've got the appropriate "friends"
and proper perfume or cologne;
you've got the new, huge flatscreen and newest phone
and a thousand "friends" on Facefuck,
where you share cat GIFS and pictures of your teenagers,
who, like you, couldn't care less about their futures,
which are bleak as fuck and growing bleaker by the second.

We'll see how indifferent they are then.

Fuck you. Fuck your spouse. And fuck them.

Believe me. The day is fast approaching when this world
is going to do just that. With awesome and lethal prejudice.