Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Music & Lyrics: "Snowfall" by Claude Thornhill (1941)

Claude Thornhill


Holiday songs are great--for about six minutes.
Especially at malls and grocery stores,
or doctors' waiting rooms or in government offices.
After that they become annoying.

At home, it changes somehow.
I don't mind them.
In fact, I'll go out of my way to play
my favorites a few times.
The New Year will come, and then my birthday,
and I'll stop listening to them for another
eleven months.

"Snowfall" isn't strictly a holiday song,
but it fits in perfectly with the season.
It's my favorite of all of them, even if it doesn't quite belong.
Or because it doesn't.
It has been played a zillion times
by a zillion artists,
and even has lyrics,
but the original, right here, is my favorite.
No lyrics. Just simple, sublime beauty
that reminds me perfectly, poignantly of ...