Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pierwalker Log: July 18, 2019

Writing start: 8:58 A.M.
Finish: 2:12 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 400
Edited (est.): 8800

1. Failure: Off till 8/5

2. Book Three Melody: Third primary edit of chapter sixteen

3. Angel: Book Three: 400 new words
Notes: I can see the end of the chapter from here.

4. Random Chance Book Two: Off

5. Port Story: Read-through of chapter three

6. Hidden Bookmarks: Off

7. LOTR: Read-through of chapter eight

8. T-Bag: Off

Special Projects: None today

Extra notes: Trump's Hitleresque rally last night is a chilling devolution towards outright fascism.

So let me be crstyal clear with you. If you are not:
  • Regularly contacting your elected representatives and shrieking for the Orange Ass Boil to be impeached, and/or:
  • Supporting anti-fascist causes, and/or:
  • Supporting Democratic candidates for president who have been very loud and proactive in their protest of this so-called "president" and his slobbering followers, and/or:
  • Taking to the streets in protest, and/or:
  • Writing or podcasting original posts declaring your disgust with this illegitimate administration and its hateful policies, and/or:
  • Not excusing relatives who support Trump or who support his racist/fascist policies or who don't find the concentration camps he has built and which We the People fund morally repugnant, and/or:
  • Refusing to stay silent and compliant, and/or:
  • Joining and contributing to online groups and communities which are actively fighting against Trumpism, and/or:
  • Giving money to organizations like the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center, and/or:
  • Praying daily for an end to this nightmare ...
Then you are, factually, a Trump supporter.

You do not belong here, in this digital space, and are very much not welcome. I can't stop you from dialing it up, but understand: you are not welcome here. At all.


Below is my updated action list through this week. Understand, fuckheads, that I also blog right here, and I post many links to my Reddit profile, and I refuse to patronize to the greatest degree possible mainstream media sources, and I, to the best of my ability, refuse to do business with known conservative/Trump-supporting businesses, and Kye and I live very simply and frugally. Those aren't listed.

Again, your actions define you. To be inactive or indifferent is to be a Trump supporter. To turn your head away is to be a Trump supporter. You support fascism by such choices. You support the continued evisceration of the planet by such choices. You will be judged, I am convinced, by such choices. I don't give a shit if you're an atheist or agnostic or not. You will be judged.


1. Contacted McKays re: National Enquirer 12/23/16
2. Contacted Fred Myer re: National Enquirer: 12/23/16
3. Two essays written in the interim. (12/24)
4. Contacted Wyden again. (12/26)
5. Essay ("Sorry, World"); contacted DeFazio, Wyden; Sent DKos form letter against Sessions; donated $15 to ACLU: 1/29/17
6. Wrote Roseburg paper over hateful LTE; Essay ("If You Didn't Vote For Hillary, You Voted For Trump"); contacted DeFazio, Wyden. 2/5/17
7. Essay ("If You Didn't Vote For Hillary, You Voted For Trump Part II"). 2/12/17
8. Essay "Fifty Shades of Dictatorship," went to Wyden town hall. (2/18)
9. Contacted DeFazio, Wyden (gerrymandering). (2/25)
10. 3/2/17: Contacted DeFazio, Wyden re: Sessions the racist liar.
11. Wrote "Never, Ever Forget." Published G+, YouTube 3/5
12. Contacted DeFazio, Wyden over "Republicare." (3/8)
13. Served jury duty (3/13-14); signed up for DeFazio's newsletter, filled in survey (3/15)
14. Wrote subscribers about jury duty and why it's important; blogged it as well (3/15)
15. Wrote Senators Merkley and Wyden (3/20) re: Gorsuch's confirmation.
16. Wrote DeFazio re: voting NO on Trumpcare. (3/23)
17. Attended Senator Merkley's town hall. (3/26)
18. Wrote both senators re: filibustering Gorsuch's nomination. (3/28)
19. Wrote essay about Elway and Gorsuch on blog. (4/5)
20. Updated Trump site. (4/19)
21. Wrote Rep and Sens re: Russia and Trump. (4/24)
22. Wrote rep/sens re: ICE and deportations. (4/28)
23. Wrote essay, posted to blog: "Donald Trump Did Not Win the Election ..." (4/28)
24. Wrote essay, posted to blog on the evil actions of the Republican Party (5/4)
25. Contacted PETA 5/14 on thereabout over animal cruelty witnessed at the park (Manky and Bumblefuck destroying swallows' nest and killing chicks).
26. Gave PETA $25 5/14 or thereabouts.
27. Wrote and published on blog extemporaneous essay: "The Newest Big Thing." (5/25)
28. Signed Merkley's petition to Trump telling him not to abandon the Paris Agreement. (6/1)
29. Signed up to volunteer for writing tasks, etc., Curry Democrats. (6/15)
30. Wrote health-care story on Merkley's website; wrote essay about my actions thus far and posted to blog. (6/30)
31. Posted reminder essay that Hillary is the nation's true president. (7/6)
32. Filled out multiple Net Neutrality petitions. (7/13)
33. Reposted "Donald Trump Is Not My President" 7/17.
34. Wrote essay condemning McCain and Republicans re: ACA and their vote to kill it. 7/25.
35. Reposted rant re: Trump did not win election from late April. 7/27.
36. Essays posted on blog; will appear in new volume. (late July through September)
37. Contacted Rep and Senators re: Trump's decision to end DACA. (September)
38. Contact Senators re: Graham-Cassidy abomination September 20.
39. Contact rep and Senators re: Puerto Rico humanitarian assistance September 25.
40.Contact rep and Senators re: Trump sabotaging ACA September 30.
41.Contact rep and Senators re: Las Vegas gun massacre and inaction against NRA October 2
42.Posted rant on blog against NRA and those complicit with its evil October 3.
43. Edited and Reposted Trump essay on blog October 11.
44. Wrote and posted "This is a war" to blog October 15.
45. Signed Tom Steyer's impeachment petition and sent it to Jordan and Pea October 27.
46. Posted Tom Steyer's impeachment video to blog October 27.
47. Published My Rogue Mile November 1!
48. Wrote Rep and Senators re: Net Neutrality November 18.
49. Wrote blog post demanding readers sign Net Neutrality petition November 18.
50. Wrote blog post on the Second American Civil War November 30.
51. Posted Net Neutrality blog December 13.
52. Contacts Rep, Sens. about Net Neutrality being abolished December 14.
53. Posted letter I wrote to Hillary last year to blog December 15.
54. Contacts Rep, Sens. about Trump's plans to kill Mueller's investigation December 17.
55. Edited and reposted "A Hurricane Is Coming In 2018" December 31.
56. Posted essay (partially) re: political revolution coming December 31.



57. Contacted Rep, Sens. about Puerto Rico--again. January 8
58. Reposted "Donald Trump is Not My President" to blog January 8.
59. Wrote and posted "The Shadows of Lesser Men" on blog January 25.
60. Contacted Rep., Sens. about Trump's efforts to destroy investigation January 30
61. Contacted Rep., Sens. about the latest slaughter of Americans by a white supremacist, and their lack of action February 15.
62. Wrote and posted (to LinkedIn too) essay praising Emma Gonzalez, and condemning my PHS's 1980 graduates for their statistical support of Trump February 25.
63. Reposted letter I wrote to Hillary March 15.
64. Wrote Rep., Sens. about protecting Mueller against Trump March 20.
65. Posted protest blog re: March For Our Lives March 24; posted link to my classmates rant to Reddit March 23.
66. Wrote ABC about Roseanne Barr's defamation of David Hogg March 29.
67. Wrote "An Open Letter to Jackie" re: evangelical hypocrisy concerning Trump April 1.
68. Wrote Rep., Sens. re: Trump's threat to fire FBI head Rosenstein April 13.
69. Wrote DeFazio re: Net Neutrality May 17
70. Wrote and posted "Thoughts and Prayers" May 20.
71. Wrote Rep., Sens. about ICE taking children from mothers May 28.
72. Wrote and posted Memorial Day rant May 28.
73. Reposted Trump essay June 9.
74. Reposted NRA blog June 13.
75. Wrote Rep., Sens. about child separations (again) June 18.
76. Reposted this list June 23.
77. Contacted senators re: impending SCOTUS pick July 3.
78. Contacted senators re: SCOTUS pick July 10.
79. Wrote and posted "Prayers" to blog July 19.
80. Wrote rep., sens. re: election integrity re: midterms July 20.
81. Posted small rant to LinkedIn July 20.
82. Reposted Hillary Is President rant July 25.
83. Contacted sens. re: Kavanaugh September 6.



84. Contacted rep. 1/2/19.
85. Contacted rep., sens. re: shutdown 1/20/19.
86. Contacted sens. re: shutdown 1/24
87. Contacted Reps., Sens. re: AOC's Green New Deal 2/7.
88. (Continuing through the primaries): A weekly "horse race" ranking the presidential candidates: April forward>>
89. Contacted DeFazio re: impeaching the Orange Ass Boil 5/29.
90. Contacted Rep., demanded that he not sign resolution condemning Oman 3/6.
90. Contacted Rep., Sens. re: Mueller report 3/25.
91. Contacted our vile state senators regarding their actions re: climate change 6/28.
92. Contacted DeFazio, tore him a new asshole too for not supporting impeachment 6/29.
93. Contacted DeFazio AGAIN, tore him yet another new asshole for not supporting impeachment 7/16.

Take immediate action, or be prepared to be labeled what you are: a Trump-supporting fascist ignorant asshole.