Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Stance In Substance

The availability of images ...
An open source-code to the universe.
So much to see;
even more to consider.

The more "stance" we take,
the more substance we attain.
But the stance can't be just anything--
because the substance can be anything.

Few consider this.
But then ... few even bother really seeing,
which means they never bother really considering, either.
Two plus two only equals four in their
miscolored, heavily pixelated universe when they agree it does.

I introspect.
It has brought me no small amount of disfavor
from the unseeing and unconsidering.
Doing one's best to plot out one's life--one's stance--along
a path of worthy substance is a sure way to make enemies.
Especially in this day and age,
the rottenest, the vilest, the most profane in human history.

But here ... and here, inside me,
there is eternity, ever calling, ever hopeful, ever forgiving.
It is, ultimately, the only stance worth fighting for.