What Are You Looking For?


Mile Markers

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Sometimes it just takes a different view, a different vantage point.
Walk one, swim the other, fly the third.
The concrete is rough, the pillars sturdy.
Kelp at my feet, cool, almost cold shade, random breezes rich with brine,
the air misty and mysterious,
the day just like a million million others.
But also ... not.
It's the not I look for. The not I live for.
And will gladly die for.
Every single day.

What's way down there, at the end?
Most of you would answer, "Just more water."
You don't concern me.
But those who stare out there, even for that extra second,
even if you're wearing a grin telling me you're merely entertaining me ...
I'd like to hear your response.

Somewhere fiction and non-fiction frolic,
unaware and unconcerned with what we think of them,
quite likely at the end of a corridor much like this one.
Or perhaps it is this one.
I want to find out.
I want to frolic with them.

Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego, California
Photo by KJH Cardinalis