Sunday, February 23, 2020

Yes, I Will Vote For Him | Protest Poem Against Bernie Sanders' Supporters

 Note: Now we learn:
Russia wants Bernie to win the nomination.
Russia is helping the Sanders campaign.

The Bernie Bros are celebrating.
They say Bernie Bros are Russian bots.
We need to back off attacking Sanders.
Bots! Bots! Bots!
Only a few of us are humans!

We need to come together,
the Bros cry mournfully.
We need to unite behind Bernie,
who is surely going to be the nominee!
We need to stop attacking him!
We need to stop holding him to account!
We need to drink the Kool-Aid!



Yes, I will vote for him.
Unlike you did for her.
Yes. I will.

You are directly responsible for the Orange Ass Boil.
Never once has a single one of you owned up to that fact.
Not once.
But I'll still vote for your guy should he be our nominee.

Your guy now, as then, is a fatuous, overblown, graying windbag.
His "revolution" was blown out of the political water
by a far superior opponent with far superior plans and support.
She's the actual and true president of this nation,
as I have called her ever since that horrible day in November 2016.

Remember when your guy refused to concede until the very end?
Do you remember how much that hurt her campaign?
Do you remember how none of you took responsibility when
the Orange Ass Boil "won"?*
Do you remember how none of you saw the
Russia-lovin' lady doctor/loony-bin third-party candidate
as the political horror show that she was, and is still?
How you refused to listen to those of us who understood
that Benghazi and the emails and the pedophile pizza parlor
were all made up by foreign enemies and the brain-dead
numbnuts among you?
How you bought into all that bullshit wholesale
and shared it widely amongst your friends?
How you memed your ridiculous "Bernie or Bust"
idiocy all over the inter-webs?
Remember that?
I do.

I'm supposed to let go of all this,
to shriek and scream for unity,
to forget what you did.
I'm supposed to, in other words,
call for the very thing you refused to do
when she was running,
when she was leading,
when she was warning us all about
the Orange Ass Boil.
How many posts from your fatuous, ignorant, wind-bag herd
did I read saying how you wanted the Orange Ass Boil to win;
you wanted him to destroy everything;
you wanted him to tear it all down;
because only then, you reasoned (using that term very loosely),
would your dreams of a socialist utopia be born.
You wanted the Orange Ass Boil.
Anything but her.
Remember that?
I sure do.

Now our democracy teeters on the very precipice of authoritarian doom;
and our world burns;
babies are being ripped from mothers' arms at our borders
and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters are being oppressed
and our highways are crumbling
and our sick are dying needlessly.
Because you got your Orange Ass Boil.
Because you refused to vote for her.

So you can shut your pie-hole about unity, asswipe.
Oh, you'll get it.
If by some perverse, unholy machinations
your guy actually wins the nomination,
I will vote for him.
But I will hold my nose doing it,
and will almost certainly vomit in the car afterward.
But I'll do it.
I'll do it because, unlike you,
I try to be a moral being.
Unlike you,
I don't buy the bullshit propaganda and misinformation.
Unlike you,
I don't pout like a fuckin' baby when I don't get my way.
And unlike you,
I have actual empathy for folks,
and fully understood two years ago what the Orange Ass Boil
was going to do to so many,
and what he'll do to so many more
should he somehow win* another election.

You don't want that, do you?
Well--do you?

I'm not so convinced.
Because what are you going to do if
your guy isn't the nominee to face him?


*Along with your ignorance and idiocy,
the Orange Ass Boil "won" by cheating and colluding,