Saturday, February 6, 2021

Yes, He Is Evil | Protest Poem Against Trump

"He is not 'evil,' " so says a political tweeter,
"he's a basic animal. He simply survives.
He eats what is available & easiest 2 kill.
He will protect u if u bring him food
& kill you if you suddenly look like food.
It's that simple.
Stop making it more complicated."

Yes. I think I will stop making it more complicated.
I have deleted this "thinker" from my bookmarks.

There. Much simpler.

The Orange Ass Boil exists because of people like this guy.
He got into power because of people like this guy.*
He's destroying the planet because of people like this guy.

That is to say, people who refuse to see that morality
is foundational and objective to this universe,
who refuse to apply moral principles to human behavior and actions,
who refuse to hold to simple standards of truth, beauty, and knowledge
those who would abuse and pervert all three.

The political left's destruction lies precisely in its materialism and aspirituality.
It is a cancer that will consume it totally,
just as the cancer of intolerant and intolerable car-salesmen religion
is consuming the right as I pen this.

In this case, it's absolutely valid and true.

The Orange Ass Boil is an unrepentantly vile and evil man.
Apply all the evolutionary psychobabble you want to him:
in the end, his truest and most pressing problem--
and ours too, most unfortunately--
is that he is utterly soulless.

Which raises the dire question:
If he is (and he is), then what are we,
those who elected him into office?*

*He was "elected" by idiots like this guy, but also by cheating and colluding
with the aid of hostile foreign nations
and by an equally soulless cabal of criminals and grifters.
Addendum (February 6, 2021):
On the eve of Trump's second impeachment trial,
the first president in history to ever face such ignominy
(though he was never a legitimate president),
this poem rings truer than when I first wrote it.
The Republican Party is no more.
It is now the Qanon Party,
or Q-publicans for short.
This is what Trump brought;
this is what Trump wrought.
The damage he and the 74 million racist morons
who voted for him in 2020 have done
to this land will take decades to heal,
if indeed healed we ever can be again.