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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Pierwalker Log: February 7, 2019

Writing start: 10:25 A.M.
Finish: 3:03 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 800
Edited (est.): 2100 + 6 poems + blurb

1. Failure: Off

2. Book Three Melody: Off till 2/16

3. Ant Story: Read-through of chapter five

4. Fractalverse V5: Second tertiary edit of the first set of six poems

5Rapscallion: 400 new words
Notes: Learning about new characters is both challenging and frightening, as well as exhilarating!

6. LOTR: 400 new words
Notes: it feels so good to be working on this project again!

7. Angel: Book Three: off till 2/27
Notes: I can't wait to start this novel!

8. T-Bag: off till 2/13

Special Projects:  Work on "Becoming" later today if time permits

Extra notes: When I post a link to one of my books to Reddit, I type the title (of course), followed by: "by Author Shawn Michel de Montaigne."

I do this because I no longer allow myself to think of myself as anything other than an author. I'm not an out-of-work guy writing while he sits on his ass; I'm not a former teacher doing this for a living; this is who I am. This is, in fact, who I've always been. I'm out of the closet, and I'm going to stay that way.


It looks as though Payhip gives me the ability to launch a subscription service for my work. I'm seriously looking into doing it. I think it would be a great way to "interface" with new readers and fans. It would allow me the freedom to offer things folks wouldn't get going through retailers. I could keep folks apprised, maybe work in preorders somehow, and other goodies.

I don't have a fan base. At least, I don't think I do. So this may be doing nothing more productive than farting into the wind. Finding readers is hard enough; finding fans is exponentially harder. I would like to reward any I may have who regularly visit this blog. This would be a great way to do that.

I'll keep you posted.


An aphorism, according to Dictionary.com, is:

a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation, as “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton).

I've owned a copy of Baltasar Gracian's The Art of Worldly Wisdom since 1992. I've read it cover-to-cover ... oh, hell. Probably thousands of times now. It's a collection of 300 aphorisms on, basically, living in the world and dealing with people. Gracian was a Catholic priest who lived and died clear back in the 17th century; but his words still ring very, very true today.

The aphorism I'd like to share with you in its entirety, is aphorism number 218. See if it evokes an image of someone we all know and--at least for the sane of us--loathe.

218: Never do something out of stubbornness, only out of attentive reflection. Any obstinacy is evil--the daughter of passion, who never got anything right. There are some who turn everything into warfare, who behave like social bandits and would like to conquer others in all they do. They have no idea how to live peaceably. These people are particularly harmful as rulers. They divide the government into factions and make enemies out of those who should be as obedient as children. They want to do everything through stealth, and attribute their success to their own scheming. But once others discover their paradoxical humor, they grow angry with them and block them in their chimerical pursuits, and thus they achieve nothing. They cannot digest all their troubles and others take pleasure in their bellyaches. Their judgment is damaged, and sometimes their hearts. The way to deal with such monsters is to flee civilization and dwell among savages. For the barbarism of savages is more bearable than the savagery of these barbarians.