Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pierwalker Log: February 20, 2019

Writing start: 10:54 A.M.
Finish: 3:07 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 900
Edited (est.): 4700 + 6 poems + 1 blurb

1. Failure: Read-through of chapter twenty-four

2. Book Three Melody: Read-through of chapter fourteen

3. Ant Story: 400 new words
Notes: A continuing conversation between two highly intelligent and cultured ants.

4. Fractalverse V5: Third tertiary edit of the first set of six poems + edited the blurb

5Rapscallion: Off

6. LOTR: Off

7. Angel: Book Three: Off till 2/27

8. T-Bag: 500 new words
Notes: What happens when you realize that you may actually have something positive to contribute to the world? T-Bag is there now.

Special Projects:  Work on "Becoming" later if time permits

Extra notes: I'm always astounded by the vast number of people who refuse to take a stand in this life.

Doing so is, of course, an indictment against all those who won't. It's the first step in separating oneself from the herd. Herds don't stand for anything authentic or life-affirming. It's why they're herds. Herds are safe. One can get lost in a herd if it's big enough. One doesn't have to think if one is a herd animal. Any "thinking" done is akin to gross Brownian motion--a nose randomly sticks itself into another's ass which prompts the stickee to move forward, sticking his or her nose into someone else's ass, and so forth. Thus does the herd move; thus does the herd "think."

The problem is, we're living in an age of outright disinformation and propaganda aimed directly at those herds by other, hostile herds. If the 2016 "election" was an indicator, these propagandized herds are quite easily swayed and spooked. Critical thinking, at base, requires de-herding oneself, at least to a minimal degree. It requires recognizing propaganda and misinformation for what they are. It requires standing up for something true and authentic--both of which have no interest in conformity and herdism.

Critical thinking also requires judgment. Boy, has that become a dirty word! God forbid one judges anything or anyone! (Even though most people do it a hundred times a day, and quite viciously and unfairly.) Judgment requires discernment--this or that. Good judgment requires wisdom, which, in the United States at least, is at an all-time premium right now.

Most of my same-aged peers are becoming grandparents. Most of them voted for the Orange Ass Boil, demonstrating perfectly how age and wisdom don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. A herd animal isn't--can't be--wise. A herd animal concerns itself with anonymity, going along and getting along, staying in the center of the herd, and consuming everything it can reach. It concerns itself with comparing itself to other herd animals and conforming to the rules of the herd. Nothing of that smacks of wisdom, no matter what they claim otherwise to their children and grandchildren.

What we as a species is facing right now is a genuine, pressing, and existential spiritual crisis. Global warming is just one of the symptoms of our disease. Fox News, Putin, and Trump are others. And so are the huge herds of humanity who care nothing for the morrow (as clearly demonstrated by their actions and by their leaders) or, necessarily, for their own children, but only what they can get now, what they can consume now, what they can use right now as a palliative for their shallow, meaningless lives.

Which is why I continually stress that if we are to survive to see the year 2100 (or maybe even 2050), that we must acknowledge that we are in a spiritual fight for our very lives.

The smart money is on the herds and the extinction of humanity. I, however, am an optimist, and so will continue to agitate and piss off others and yell about such things, to employ judgment and discernment, to critically think and to think critically about our dire predicament, and, if necessary, to point a stiff finger, if not a stiff middle finger, at those herds and the various members within them.

This is a war, motherfuckers. It's time to gear up and stand up for ourselves and for this planet.