Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pierwalker Log: February 12, 2019

Writing start: 10:49 A.M.
Finish: 3:37 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 1300
Edited (est.): 6 poems

1. Failure: 500 new words
Notes: The deep edits for this manuscript are going to be ... crazy.

2. Book Three Melody: Off till 2/16

3. Ant Story: Off

4. Fractalverse V5: Second tertiary edit of the fourth set of six poems

5Rapscallion: 400 new words
Notes: Some good possibilities as far as plot-points fleshing themselves out here.

6. LOTR: 400 new words
Notes: This new chapter is coming along smoothly. I've thought about it for almost two years, so I'm very glad!

7. Angel: Book Three: off till 2/27
Notes: I can't wait to start this novel!

8. T-Bag: Off

Special Projects:  Work on "Becoming" later today if time permits

Extra notes: The Internet rewards cynicism. It rewards downvotes. It rewards hatred and bigotry. Mostly, though, it rewards indifference.

The new nerds aren't the tech geeks or Trekkies or computer hackers. The new nerds are those who believe they can make positive change, no matter how small and unseen that change may be. The new nerds are those who eschew cynicism and doubt and press on. The new nerds are those who look cynics in their beady little eyes and speak the truth. The new nerds are those who donate, who post helpful and positive articles, who write and vlog positive messages, who volunteer, who tread lightly on this planet. They see fame for what it is--a trap and an excuse for evermore inaction.

The new nerds are the ones being treated exactly like the old nerds once were.

What do I do? I write. I occasionally donate. I repost positive articles. I try to tread very lightly on this planet. I upvote posts that feature messages of upliftment, that fight cynicism, that stare down the doubters and the haters. I regularly write my Congressmen. I wear a safety pin any time I'm in public as a visible protest symbol against the illegitimate Trump "presidency" and against fascism anywhere. I try to do business only with progressive companies (very difficult if not many times impossible, especially in rural America).

I don't have children. I don't drive a gas hog. I buy organic. I don't commute to a job. I don't fly. My entire wardrobe is from thrift.

I recognize that the problem isn't me. It's corporations and governments. Both empower and engineer cynicism and doubt, because they recognize that cynicism and doubt end always in indifference. Facebook and Twitter and probably every other major social media platform are specifically designed to engender cynicism and doubt in their users. Hateful posts always outperform those with optimism, faith, trust, and community. As in always.

Is it any wonder that people like me almost always remain invisible?

I'm not going to try to convince you further. Do your own research, Skeeziks. Look up Jaron Lanier. See what he has to say. Learn who he is. Look up Cal Newport. Read his blog. Read up on Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges. Wake up to the fact that the world is being transformed in real time, right now, to serve only a tiny elite. And that tiny elite does not care in the slightest what happens to you. We're there to serve them, enrich them, and then die. That isn't cynical in the slightest. It's the goddamned truth.

I'm going to write. And write. And write some more. I'm not writing for you. I'm writing for your great-great-great grandchildren, individuals who will exist long after you and I have turned to dust. Because if they exist--if we don't destroy the world before they can exist--I'll know one thing: Us "new nerds" will have won this existential battle against the cynics and the doubters. Because that's the only way those folks will be able to exist.