Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Pierwalker Log: New Year's Day, 2019

Writing start: 10:05 A.M.
Finish: 3:04 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 800 + CSHII blurb
Edited (est.): 13500 + 6 poems


1. Failure: Read-through of chapter twenty-three

2. Book Three Melody: 800 new words
Notes: A great start to the New Year.

3. Ant Story: Read-through of chapter two
Notes: One of the best chapters I've written in any story.

4. Fractalverse V5: Third secondary edit of the first six poems

5. Cheapery St. Heroes: BII: Finished initial writing of blurbs, and stage one edit of chapter one
Notes: Lots of work to do on the blurbs. I will also be thinking of the meta-tags as this process goes on.

6. Rapscallion: Off

7. Gilligan: Off

8. T-Bag: Off

Special Projects: Work on "Becoming" if time permits later this afternoon

Extra notes: 2019. Here it is. I don't know whether I should jump for joy, or find a nuclear shelter bunker somewhere.

Here are my wishes for this year. Believe me when I tell you that all of these have been translated into prayers, many times, and uttered with clenched hands and eyes this past year, if not the past two years. Here we go.
  • The end of the Trump/Pence crime syndicate "presidency." This year. Both sent to federal prison for treason. All major American players convicted and sentenced, and to the maximum charges, and for the maximum punishment. Robert Mueller and his investigators hailed nationwide as true American heroes (which they are).
  • Russians revolt against Putin and his vile dictatorship, and overthrow the government. Trials and convictions of every monster in that government. Russia taking actual, relevant, and real steps towards true democracy. The destruction of troll farms and the like. Major players sentenced to prison.
  • A double-pronged revolution sparking and catching: one for the Green New Deal; the other for Medicare For All. Massive protests. The empowerment of Democrats, especially those running for president in 2020, who decisively declare their support for both.
  • The continued dissolution and destruction of the Republican Party, which was assured when members of that Party let loose any claims to morality and decency by their horrid, hateful, persistent, cowardly and cruel actions.
  • Facebook and Twitter being abandoned by hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Social media finally being recognized as the disease it is. The IndieWeb movement gaining momentum and recognition by more and more people.
  • A People's Vote referendum in Great Britain that utterly overturns Brexit.
  • The legitimacy of the Supreme Court at least partially restored with the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh.
  • The NRA going bankrupt and many of its members arrested, tried, and convicted for espionage and treason.
  • Fox News shrinking into utter irrelevance.
  • Sinclair Broadcasting shrinking into utter irrelevance.
  • The recognition by the masses that fence-sitting and indifference are immoral in this day and age.
  • ... and all those I haven't thought of here but will remember in my prayers as the year unfolds.
Here are some more.
  • Mary Poppins Returns wins Best Picture Golden Globe and Oscar, and pretty much every other award available.
  • The Denver Trumpcos (once the Denver Broncos) endure a third consecutive losing season, and finally fire John Elway, who loves Trump and uses the team as his own personal political statement.
  • The NFL to continue losing viewership and ad revenue.
  • The second season of Cobra Kai to be as kick-ass awesome as the first.
  • The return of The Expanse, and that its fourth season continues on with the eye-popping excellence of the first three.
  • The second season of Star Trek: Discovery to continue with the amazing storytelling so prevalent in the first, and for the producers and writers to continue to ignore the haters, downvoters, and detractors who clearly have no clue what "to go where no one has gone before" actually means.
Here are some personal wishes for this New Year.
  • That I make more money from royalties than last year ($21.94), the worst-ever year I've had since I began publishing in 2011.
  • That this blog continues its positive growth in pageviews and excellence.
  • That my writing continues positive growth towards excellence and readership.
  • That my 58th year of life sees better health, better dietary choices, continued meditation, great sleep, less depression and worry, and more prosperity and security for Kye and me.
  • That false friends go away and true friends get closer.
  • That my spiritual journey continues growing and bringing me closer to God, and that the same holds true for Kye.
  • That Keith Ward publishes another book.
  • That I publish at least two new books.
  • That I begin to find my tribe, and that they contribute either to this blog or my subreddit, or both.
Happy New Year, folks!