Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pierwalker Log: January 26, 2019

Writing start: 10:36 A.M.
Finish: 3:03 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 600
Edited (est.): 8800 + 6 poems + 1 blurb

1. Failure: Off till Tuesday

2. Book Three Melody: Primary edit number two of chapter thirteen

3. Ant Story: Off

4. Fractalverse V5: Stage three edit of the first set of six poems

5. Cheapery St. Heroes: BII: Off

6. Rapscallion: 200 new words
Notes: A "side" character is introduced more fully

7. T-Bag: 400 new words
Notes: I might be able to finish this chapter on Monday!

8. LOTR: Off

Special Projects:  None

Extra notes: I am thinking it might be a nice idea to start some sort of book club or subscription service. I could host it here on the blog. Maybe, ultimately, I could get other authors to join. I would curate their work thoroughly to make sure that they were good enough to be a part of it. For a small fee, patrons could select three books, say, to read. The fee would be small enough to save them lots of money against buying each book separately, but not so small as to make it not worth the authors' time and effort.

I think Payhip, who hosts my full catalog, would be ideal in a venture like this.

I don't know. What do you think?


Yesterday Kye and I traveled to Crescent City to pick up some burgers and fries so that we could picnic under one of our very favorite redwood groves. This one happens to be just twenty minutes east of town. Under the Stout tree, we ate.

I told Kye later that I must have been spiritually malnourished, because being there, once again, under those magnificent gods of red bark and green frond, something very deep inside me felt much, much better. I could breathe a little easier, and much of the anger and frustration that are constant companions quietened down.

I'm very much against the materialist/atheist mindset that says that these great trees aren't beings. That treats the world so cruelly and coldly. That claims we--and redwoods, and birds, and elephants, and so on--are just material. That we are nothing but atoms and molecules and blind evolution. That we are all determined. That the universe is meaningless. That morality isn't objective.

They can have their depressing beliefs.

I've got yesterday, and the solemn, holy quiet of those greatest of trees.