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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pierwalker Log: January 24, 2019

Writing start: 10:34 A.M.
Finish: 2:08 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 0
Edited (est.): 13000

1. Failure: Off till next Tuesday

2. Book Three Melody: Primary edit number one of chapter thirteen

3. Ant Story: Read-through of chapter five

4. Fractalverse V5: Off till Saturday

5. Cheapery St. Heroes: BII: Off till Monday

6. Rapscallion: Off till Saturday

7. T-Bag: Read-through of chapter three

8. LOTR: Off till Monday

Special Projects: I might look at possibilities for a new illustration for Book Three. Time permitting: work on "Becoming."

Extra notes: Listening just now to our neighbor who lives to the right of us ranting to our neighbor who lives to our left that "Trump is hated because he's doing everything he said he would!"

It's an eternally fascinating thing to me: watching human beings deny facts. It's at the very heart of herdism. It's how every monster in history came to power.

When your "tribe" or "community" denies facts, you no longer are in a tribe or community. You're in a herd.

Listen to what Republicans in Congress are saying about the Shutdown. Listen to how easily they minimize its effects, or deny them outright. Listen to how empathy-free they are, how willfully ignorant they are of workers' plights. Republicans are a herd, arguably the most dangerous in human history. Noam Chomsky certainly believes they are; and I, increasingly, think he's right.

Listen to all the climate change denialism going on. And not just by Republicans. Look at how suburbans live! No listening is necessary there to identify yet another horrible herd. Many of those claim they're Democrats and Progressives!

Look and listen to the horrible apologists for those racist little shits from that Catholic high school in Kentucky who did their racist little schpeel against the Native American protester. Listen to the parents. Listen to the administrators.


Trump's Shutdown is endangering lives and our economy. It is a direct affront to this democracy. Both are facts. Excusing it or "both sides"-ing it or dogwhistling it won't work. Not any more. It's a remarkable thing for me to say, but I believe now that it is true: people are starting to wake up.

They're starting to.

If this world is going to survive to see the 21st century, they're going to have to actually wake their asses up and stay awake. Donald Trump is just the obvious part of the cancerous tumor killing our society and world. It's miserable, fat fucks like our bloviating neighbor who are the real problem, because it's herd animals like him who made Trump possible in the first place.