Thursday, January 10, 2019

Pierwalker Log: January 10, 2019

Writing start: 10:27 A.M.
Finish: 2:48 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 600
Edited (est.): 8000

1. Failure: Read-through of chapter twenty-three

2. Book Three Melody: 500 new words
Notes: I think if any future fans of Melody come into being, they'll really find Book Three a great read. I've really enjoyed writing each and every chapter so far.

3. Ant Story: Off

4. Fractalverse V5: Off till next Monday

5. Cheapery St. Heroes: BII: Off till next Monday

6. Rapscallion: First primary edit of chapter three completed

7. Gilligan: 100 new words
Notes: Chapter is completed! I'll start the primaries tomorrow!

8. T-Bag: Off

Special Projects: Time permitting: work on "Becoming" later

Extra notes: Late yesterday I raised the prices on all my published works across all platforms.

You'll pay the most at Amazon.

You'll pay slightly less at Smashwords and associated retailers--Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc.

You'll play a lot less by going through Payhip--which is essentially just going through me directly.

Today my Payhip profile page got hit more than a hundred times. I'm fairly certain it wasn't people, but bots, mostly if not completely from Amazon.

There is the possibility that I'm violating Amazon's terms of service by pricing my works this way--by making them most expensive there. There is the possibility that I'll get a warning email--not written by a human, of course, but by a bot--saying as much. If that happens, I will unpublish my works at Amazon and close my accounts permanently there.

I've had it, folks. I'm not going to put up with this shit anymore.

I'm a total nobody as far as Amazon and the vast majority of this world is concerned, so it's really no skin off their noses if I bolt. My work there is already unfindable and almost unsearchable. I refuse to go exclusively with them and their 75 percent market share, so they're punishing me and all like me by making us invisible. It's unlikely that, given their treatment of me, I'll sell even five books there this year. Whether or not I choose to stay really isn't all that significant in terms of actual dollars and cents.

Obscurity, as Virginia Woolf says, makes me free. The profit margin for me doing business at Amazon and the profit margin for me telling Amazon to fuck off and die are essentially the same--zero. Amazon is a trillion-dollar mega-behemoth corporation. I'm not even an amoeba to such an entity. My cancelling accounts there won't even phase the most minuscule bit of indifferent computer code on their city-sized servers. So I've got really nothing to lose if I choose to quit.

Amazon, like Google, like Apple, like Facebook, are immoral entities. No human being should appear as an amoeba to any human institution or business, or to any human collective of any kind. I pray for the day that all four face stringent anti-trust lawsuits that as a consequence lead to their dismemberment and also subsequent legislation that sees to it that no business ever gets that large or holds such monopolistic control over any market.

Monopolies are anti-capitalistic. They are grotesque, bloated, poisonous, and, as I said, immoral. It's time they are stopped.

But back to me--the total nobody forced to deal with one. There is a very good chance that regardless of whether or not I'm given a bot-written warning letter, that I'll still end up killing my accounts there after unpublishing my works. I'm not like the typical human being who, no matter how shitty things get, more often than not says, "Well, that's just the way things are. Guess I have to play along."

I refuse to play along. I raised my prices there as an act of rebellion against them. It may be an infinitesimally small act to their eyes, but it is still an act, and it still matters. It is, as a matter of fact, how revolutions are started.

Go through me directly, folks, if you want to read my work. You'll save all sorts of money and you too will have committed an infinitesimally small act of rebellion against a bloated and immoral mega-behemoth.