Tuesday, January 8, 2019

And So Here We Teeter

The future belongs to those of us who know what’s at stake
and are willing to fight for it.
I’m not a politician, so I won’t blow smoke up your ass and say
that’s a lot of people. It really isn’t.
Going along and getting along—that’s the true mode of being for most of you.
You join movements and the like only if it benefits you somehow;
you party and “network” and fuck and tweet your new herd membership
until you tire of it, and then, stuffed full like the pig you are, you waddle away.

Ninety-nine percent of those who lived through the sixties only liked the parties
and the drugs and the “free” sex. They lapped up the energy like vampires.
And then the seventies came, and with it polyester and Me First,
and fuck those sixties.
It’s why the sixties failed.
And now it’s why our planet is burning.
Too few truly give a shit.
The rest of you are taggers-along. You’re fucking vampires.
You lump and waddle on casting about for the Newest Big Thing.
It feels good being part of a herd, doesn’t it?

Today is a crux in American history.
This country’s very future teeters on the precipice of existential doom.
All those sixties revelers who claimed to care?
Who sang “give peace a chance”?
Well, they voted overwhelmingly for this doom and destruction to happen.
And so here we teeter.

This poem will also appear in Fractalverse: Volume Five

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