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Mile Markers

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

We Are One

We Are One


She opened her eyes after a time, aware of a distinct change in the air. She glanced left, right, behind her. Then she looked up. She grabbed Tom Cobb’s arm and shook it. He stopped praying, lifted his head, and looked up with her.
It was like looking at the purest, truest light, radiant and full—light that was falling slowly towards them like the most glorious sunset, separating from the yellow shafts pouring through the high, colored glass, gathering and solidifying as it did, pulling into itself, assuming a shape, assuming substance and mass, chasing the frozen touch of death away. For a moment she thought she saw a shimmering being behind the brilliance, terrible to behold, with great outspread wings and a heart that burned bright as a supernova, a being of such magnificence and glory that she had to look away. But the moment passed, and the light shrank still more, then winked out completely. The frozen touch of death was gone, as though it had never existed. She blinked, looked back. 
A pretty young girl had coalesced from the light and was looking around in wonderment. She had beautiful long black hair and almond eyes to match. She stood dressed in forest green and white, her attire something a hunter or maybe a warrior would wear. A weapon was strapped to her back. She reached behind herself with both hands and pulled it over her head. The weapon and its bow faintly glowed. The girl looked directly at her, and then at Tom Cobb. She smiled luminously at both of them, and then bowed deeply in respect.
 She rose and turned away. She brought the weapon to her chin, and readied the bow across it.
 She looked up towards the high vaulted ceiling, her smile vanishing, then closed her eyes, as if concentrating. Then, very gently, very intently, she said: 
“We are One.”

Hand drawn by KJH Cardinalis