Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pierwalker Log: December 13, 2018

Writing start: 10:45 A.M.
Finish: 2:21 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 400
Edited (est.): 4900


1. Failure: Off

2. Book Three Melody: Planning for next chapter (100 words)
Notes: I'm in a bit of a snag here, one that I've anticipated for many months, as to which way to go with the story at this point. I plotted my ideas and left it at that for now. I'll take another look Saturday.

3. Ant Story: Primary edit number three of chapter four

4. Fractalverse: Off till Tuesday

5. The Cheapery St. Heroes: Book Two: Off till Monday

6. Rapscallion: 300 new words
Notes: slowly and carefully.

7. Gilligan: Read-through

8. T-Bag: Off till 12/19

Special: The yucks permitting: work on "Becoming" later.

Extra notes: I didn't sleep last night due to a bug or some such that has kicked my arse, so today I did the bare minimum of work and left it at that. I need some serious rest.

Before I go: The thirteenth Doctor's theme was released yesterday. Very inspiring. But even more so was this fan's musical tribute to the latest incarnation of the Doctor. Kickass. Or, as Chris Eccleston's Doctor might have said: "Fantastic!"

I see videos like this and geekdom like this and a little of the dread and doom over humanity's future fades away. This is what matters, folks. This.

I challenge you to suss out what this is.