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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pierwalker Log: December 11, 2018

Writing start: 10:23 A.M.
Finish: 2:12 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 400
Edited (est.): 11700 + 6 poems in FVerse: 5


1. Failure: 400 new words
Notes: I want to make sure the ending of this tale is as epic as I have pictured it a thousand times to this point!

2. Book Three Melody: Off till Thursday

3. Ant Story: Primary edit number one of chapter four

4. Fractalverse: Primary edits of the fifth set of six poems

5. The Cheapery St. Heroes: Book Two: Second tertiary edit of chapter six

6. Dread Pirate Roberts: Primary edit number six of chapter six (2nd Adventure)
Notes: Sent to Kye; I'll post it here tomorrow!

7. Rapscallion: Read-through of Ch.3

8. Gilligan: Off

Special: Time permitting: more work later on BIII illustration "Becoming"

Extra notes: We're excited to see the latest Mary Poppins in two weeks. Judging from its trailers, it looks wonderful.

It couldn't come at a better time, when so many people are so wrapped up in negativity and hate, when the world is convulsing from authoritarianism and fascism, when the climate is threatening to destroy us all from our own indifference and inaction, when the whole of the Internet is seemingly devoted to seeing just how cynical it can get.

Kye and I work daily to shield ourselves from that cynicism. Unfortunately, much of it is unavoidable.

I was raised--no, steeped--in cynicism. It was how my utterly dysfunctional family interacted with each other and the world. I dated cynicism a number of times. Those girls seemed so pleased with themselves and their snark and their acidic view of the world. Being cynical, to my classmates, was "cool." Being involved, being a fan, being a nerd was not.

Cynicism and indifference are necessary twins of one another. You can't have one without also having the other. Both right now, through their carriers, are busily eviscerating this planet. They are spiritual diseases, and potentially fatal ones at that. They may not kill your body (though they very well may at that), but they will kill your soul if left untreated. That's an infinitely more serious problem to my way of thinking.

It's why we're such fans of Doctor Who and Once Upon A Time and Pushing Daisies and why we own Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and a dozen other films just like them. It's why we both write: we are both soldiers, in our own way, in the war against cynicism and indifference. You may poo-poo that, and you'd be a fool for doing so, for stories are the single most powerful weapons in existence. It isn't hard to see why.

What are you doing to battle cynicism and indifference in your own life?