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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Pierwalker Log: October 9, 2018

Writing start: 10:37 A.M.
Finish: 3:44 P.M.
Total new words (est.): 1400
Edited (est.): 6500


1. Failure: 500 new words
Notes: I may--may--finish writing this novel by March of next year! It's been a tough go, I'll tell ya!

2. Book Three Melody: Read-through

3. Love Story: 400 new words
Notes: Getting closer to the finish.

4. Ant story: 500 new words
Notes: I think I might be close to finishing this chapter as well.

5. Fractalverse: Off

6. The Cheapery St. Heroes: Book Two: Second secondary edit of the chapter one

7. Dread Pirate Roberts: Off

8. Firefly: Off till 10/13

Special: None today

Extra notes: We caught the premiere of Doctor Who last night. It was an excellent beginning to Jodie Whittaker's Doctor.

One of the misfortunes of the Internet is that it has led far too many to believe that their opinion is as valuable as, say, Chris Chibnall's, who is the new showrunner, or the writers, who spent countless hours putting the plot together, or even the more well-informed (both in knowledge and in taste) critics and reviewers. Everyone has an opinion; and no opinion is more valuable than anyone else's.

Of course, this throws the door wide open for manipulators and propagandists and all sorts of other scum to rush in. It's one of the factors in the rise of Trump, for example. Reputable sources be damned; all our opinions count equally, so what matters is hammering home yours as many times and over as many channels as is possible.

I try very hard for that reason to limit reading comment strings, or clicking on some idiot's controversial clickbait article. I do believe in reputable sources; I do believe in finding the more well informed in knowledge and in taste; I do think a hierarchy in such matters remains important, more today than ever before.

I've said often that I think the Internet is a cesspool. That opinion hasn't changed. The bigger chunks do float to the top. Finding good, decent, reputable sources of commentary, analysis, criticism, stories, music ... that has become exponentially more difficult over time, and will continue to do so, so long as the Facebook culture and ethos of radical egalitarianism is allowed to persist. I'm no elitist--don't get me wrong. I just believe that the dumbed-down nature of information flow and the ridiculous ease it is to register your o'-so-important comments has produced some profoundly negative effects.